Monday, February 4, 2008

Literary Event (11:00 Students)

Here's a link to this semester's lineup of the Central Authors Series. These are very short presentations by our faculty members about the books they have recently published. Usually, the profs. give a short narrative about what prompted them to write a particular book and what's in it. The audience has a chance to ask a few questions after.

These are great events--short, informal, informative--to find out more about what your faculty is up to, and of course they all count for your assignment "Literary Life at Central." Let me offer a particular plug for three by English faculty, Barrington on Chaucer (3/26), Dowling on slumming (4/16) and Cohen on Shakespeare (4/23).

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Prof. L said...

I forgot to mention that the Central Authors Series is only feasible for our 11:00 students, since they all take place Wednesdays at 12:30 (in the bookstore, in care you're wondering).