Thursday, February 7, 2008

deviantART. 2007. 7 Feb 2008 .

In this romance poem the speaker is in love with her best friend, and he is in love with another girl. The speaker does not understand why her best friend does not love her, however, not wanting to ruin his happiness, she keeps her pain to herself.

This poem intrigues me because the speaker is so desperately in love yet her best friend has no clue about how she feels and I do not understand how this happens. Is the speaker really in love or is just feeling lonely? At one point in the poem she says that she feels alone which made me wonder if she was just trying to make a romantic relationship out of a friendship.

This poem is similar to Shakespeare’s sonnet Time because in both selections the speaker talks about losing the one that they love. In the poem from deviantART the speaker realizes that she will never have a chance to be with her true love and she regrets this deeply. In Shakespeare’s Time the speaker has had an hour to spend with the one that he truly loved yet he misses his lover after they leave. In both pieces the speaker misses the person that they love even though they have been able to spend some time with them.

Rebecca Zinsser- 12:00 class

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Prof. L said...

Seems like this reading mixes together a couple of posting assignments. If the poem is Dorothy Parker's, one we read as a class, it should be a close reading, looking at specific language and using some of our technical vocabulary to explain poetic effects. In any case, make clear exactly what text it is you're explaining.

The post actually reads more like the "Introduction" assignment, but that should focus on a text we haven't read.

All in all though, I think you explain the general sense of the poem quite nicely.