Monday, February 11, 2008

question about thesis

i have just realized that my first thesis is rediculous. i have read over the poem a couple of more times closely and can barely figure out how i came up with it in the first place, so i was questioning about altering my thesis to make more sense. also, there are 2 rough copies of the poem i selected in the book, i have chosen to write about the final one, but i was wondering if i could reference the other to for certian instances where the poet changed or altered lines, in order to support my thesis? the poem i picked was "ode on solitude" by alexander pope.

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Prof. L said...

Sure--that is, you can change your thesis and refer to the other versions of the poem to support whatever point you're making. In your "Works Cited" give separate entries for the different versions of the ode.

Email me directly if you have questions about your altered thesis.