Thursday, February 14, 2008

1. Pockie. ""The Burning of Literature" by~pockie." deviantART. 2005. 14 Feb 2008 .

2. The speaker of this poem is a girl who writes poetry and her grief when she discovers someone burning everything that she has written. I have no clue what genre it is, but it is a very depressing poem that was written about three years ago.

3. I do not really like this poem, but there is something about it that draws my attention. It is very depressing, but the emotional pain that the girl is going through interests me and makes me want to help her. In my opinion the description of her pain is very realistic.

4. This poem reminds me of Poetry by Marianne Moore in our Norton books. It makes me think that the speaker was the lover of poetry and that the person burning her work is someone who cannot understand poetry. I do not see anything similar in the structures of these two poems and there is nothing similar in the text of the poems either, so all that they really have in common is the idea that there is something to understand about poetry and that not everyone understands it.

Rebecca Zinsser- 12:00 class


jgchurch111 said...

I was going to check out this poem, but I couln't find it. Where should I go in deviantart to find poems/ this one in particular?

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