Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Welcome all to our class blog. We have one blog for both sections of English 298, so you may see some names you don't recognize, but both sets of students are working on the same material and have the same assignments.

You can use the blog to put up anything you like in addition to the specific posts I've assigned. You can post questions or comments about the class, the English Department, life and study at Central, or you can make fun of my hair or clothes (kidding--I hope). You might use the blog to form a study group or find someone to work with on a particular assignment. You might invite classmates to join you at a "literary event" (see that assignment). You can complain about the reading if you must, but you could also tell everyone you think Wallace Stevens is the best damn poet you've ever read. Or maybe it's Rich, or Collins.

I'll see most of what you write, of course, but beyond the specified assignments the idea of the blog is to give students a means to communicate with one another.

Happy spring semester!


geefen said...

I believe the hardest part of the thesis is trying not to explain the poem and staying on the subject. But I will learn to look for the signal words that we discussed such as discover, suggests, claims, shows, etc.

Heather L. said...

I definitely agree with you. It's really difficult to not explain everything about the poem, but still to try and get across a valid argument about whats going on and what the paper is going to be about. I was always told to just state something simple for the thesis and let the rest of the introduction be a nice and simple opening that talks about the main points, which I guess is kind of what we're supposed to do, but more in depth and professional. Hopefully I'll get better at it.