Saturday, May 3, 2008

Theory Questions: Nazim Hikmet, "I Come And Stand At Every Door"

Nazim Hikmet
“I Come And Stand At Every Door”

Hikmet, Nazim. "Poetry Of Nazim Kikmet Ran." I Come And Stand At Every Door. 01 Jan 2004. 22 Mar 2008 .

This poem exhibits a unique ability to utilize a historical approach to the work itself. The historical aspect is essential to the poem's relevance to the surging anti-war sentiment of the 1960s. Hikmet uses the image of the bombing of Hiroshima to evoke the violent nature of war and the harsh realities that lie behind it. The poem brings up many disturbing images that capture the readers mind and allows it to show remorse for those who have witnessed tragedy such as this.

1. What specifics of the poem allow the artists of the 1960s feel that this poem was so relevant to their anti-war feelings?

2. Why does the poet use such an image of death to convey his message of peace?

3. Would you feel that this poem would be relevant in today's world?

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