Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Theory Questions for "Oliver Twist"

I think that a feminist theory can be related to "Oliver Twist" because there are so many female character's in the novel. There are three main women in the novel. Oliver's mother who concieved Oliver out of marriage, we don't get to much about her only that she was of noble birth and she left her family because she was pregnat, and at the time period the novel was written in aprox. the 1830's, to have a baby out of marriage was highly scandelous. There is also the character of Rose Masile who is described as all that is good and angelic, she is described as being pure and perfect. Then there is Nancy who is a prostitute, and she alone gets to decide wether she wants salvation or not, yet she choses to stay with Sikes, which results in her death.
Some questions to apply to "Oliver Twist"

1.) Why does Dicken's include Nancy? Why would Dicken's chose to keep Nancy in the position of a Prostitute through the entire story?

2.) How are the women portrayed in society in the novel?

3.) How does the feminine imagery portray Rose as being 'the perfect woman' in the story?

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