Thursday, April 24, 2008


i figured there would be a bunch of blogs on the tempest, or that what i thought i heard but i dont see any. so maybe im at the wrong blog. anyways, i went to the tempest. ive read it before and i thought i knew what it was about but i dont think i do anymore. or maybe im stupid. i think thats probably more likely than anything else. but anyways im glad it was free. there were a lot of special effects, which was nice, and girls with lots of cleavage and skimpy outfits but the actually play itself seemed watered down by this. i also couldnt really hear alot of it and i was close to the front so i dont think my hearing was the problem, althought it could have been the 90 year old woman behind me talking about how cute everyone looked. anyways, there were people acting like ostriches of some sort which was extremely entertaining, but i dont know, the overall performance seemed weak and could have been stronger. im sorry to anyone who was in the tempest because im sure your extremely nice and a great actor and everything else, but i just dont think the actually performance was that good and it was hard to pull anything out of it due to the fact that there were people running around all over the place and crazy special effects, especially for a Shakespeare play. and i guess that may be what you need to do to spice up a play thats 400 years old thats been done probably a billion times. this one just didnt do it for me. sorry.. nice outfits though. if anyones truely affended ill allow you to give me one free wedgy behind the jungle gym. -bryant scott

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jaccoma said...

I was very interested in seeing this play. That's too bad that it wasn't very true to his work. I too am not a fan of modern recreation when the original is what we want to see in the first place, not a modernization of something.