Thursday, March 27, 2008


Just a reminder that we won't be having class on Friday. I'll be around though, so if you'd like to come by after 12:20 or so, particularly to discuss your thesis statements (most of which, to be honest, could use some work), I'd be happy to see you.

Here's the schedule again for the next several days:

Mon., 3/31: Read: From SS: Elkin, “Kibitzers,” and Roth, “Defender”; Bressler, Chapter 9.
Write: CQ (following Bressler 226).

Wed., 4/2: Read: From SS: Cheever, “Country Husband”; Carver, “Where I’m Calling From”; Updike, “Gesturing”; Moore, “You’re Ugly, Too”; “Culture” (handout)
Write: LE

Fri., 4/4: (Back on schedule now) Read Harrower, Blackbird
Write: CQ

Mon., 4/7: Harrower, Blackbird
Paper is due

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