Monday, March 3, 2008

funeral for a friend

funeral for a friend
"tales don't tell themselves"
tales dont tell themselves" is an epic tale of a man who sets out after being lost at see to make it back to his home, where his wife and child are waiting for him. it is actually an album from this band so you can read the lyrics online at
or you can by the cd and read them in the cd booklet.
lyric poetry is historically poetry that was meant to be set to music and that is why i think this cd is relevant nd important. the album is broken up into songs, as is standard, but in evaluating in the poetic sense, the songs are more like cantos or chapters, typical of epic poetry. the album is a full story set to music and each song serves as a chapter in the tragic tale of a man who is lost at sea trying to return to his family. the band is from wales, and the singer was previously a writer and the lyrics of the cd are beautiful and skillfully written. the concept of the album and the way in which the band approaches it in a poetic sense is reason enough for any person with a love of artistic creativity and poetry to give the cd a chance. it continuing the literary tradition of new concepts and ideas, something like this is important not only to keep the blood flowing but to also give people that arent formally educated in poetry a painless way a access it. lyrics set to music is an important part of poetic history and a huge part of society today. it fact it is so popular that virtually anyone can set any piece of crap to music and it seems like the shittier it is, the more retarded repetition of giberish it contains, and the more watered-down mass produced cliches are sqeezed in there, the more popular it becomes. maybe it just me, but hearing all that mixed together on 95.7 leaves me running for the pepto-bismol for all the curable symptoms. Anyways, this is a refreshingly poetic album, that is well written by talented musicians and songwriters that is well worth checking out for anyone looking for something with some substance. Funeral for a Friend "tales dont tell themselves" 2007 Ferret Records. genre-rock, indie, post-hardcore.

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